Aron's Adventure

An action adventure RPG coming to Steam.

About the game

Aron's Adventure is an action adventure RPG coming to Steam in 2019.

My contribution

I'm tackling the entire project with my friend Tim. In Dungeon Game my main focuses are; traversal, AI and the world. I’m working on all the enemy AI and the NPCs. I am also working on the climbing and parkour mechanics as well as the level design.


I created all the enemies in the game. My work stretches from the initial design of enemy archetypes and programming their behaviour to setting up their animations. Aron’s Adventure also has a stealth system which I created. The player can be detected but can also perform stealth kills and hide. Enemies not only see but hear also, meaning they can be distracted by other noise or hear the player if they make too much of it. I also created an alarm system. This means enemies investigate corpses and call for backup if engaged.


I created a wide variety of bosses for the game, each with unique types of attacks, different stages of the fight as well as varying difficulty.

Smaller bosses can be taken on mid-combat with other enemies, and some have their own areas, where they can cause environmental destruction or make the player fight around them using the environment.


Aron’s Adventure has a dynamic day and night cycle, so NPCs work with it. They have their own life schedules. They have jobs, homes, sleeping times, and social areas.

NPCs realistically interact with the world. For example, an NPC working with logs will not simply stand next to a log for an entire day. They will pick them up and move them to different locations. Likewise, an NPC who collects fruit will take fruit from the ground and go to sell it in shops.


I created a wildlife system with an animal hierarchy. Because we have a wide variety of different animals they must all realistically interact with each other. For example, foxes may attack rabbits but will not attack bears. But in turn bears would not attack rabbits.

Animals interact with other animals as well as follow their own behaviour patterns. Animals patrol, hunt, eat, drink and sleep. Animals also have different levels of meat depending on their type. This means corpses can be eaten by other animals until they disappear.


I worked on the node-based climbing system, ladders, vines, ziplines, sliding, a vaulting system and boats amongst other things.

Traversal puzzles and fast, exciting movement is something strongly present in Aron’s Adventure so a wide variety of traversal mechanics was expected.


With Tim I am also working on the level design and set-up. This means setting up all the required elements in the levels required for gameplay as well as doing the level design and art passes.

Additional media

You can follow the development of the game on the blog that I run or through our community Discord.