Globum Nix

Snowball FPS for PC.

About the game

Globum Nix is a multiplayer first person shooter, but with snowballs instead of bullets. Players have to pick up snow from snow piles and make their own ammunition. The game has one team based death match game mode.

My contribution

During Globum Nix I worked on level design, QA and playtesting. As a multiplayer game, balancing was vital. The placement of snow, player spawns, respawns, cover and damage all had to be right. Balancing and playtesting each iteration with large playgroups was my responsibility. This also directly affected the iterative design of the main mechanic (making snowballs and throwing these). I spent a lot of time designing the projectile motion of the snowballs, changing the projectile behaviour to represent the size of the snowball and balancing other game systems.