An intense twin stick shooter for Android.

About the game

Onslaught is a 3rd person single player twin stick shooter. It features multiple weapons, levels and enemy archetypes. Players play as Kameko, a military operative sent to clear out numerous enemy bases by any means necessary.

My contribution

During this project I was the design lead. Alongside managing a small team of designers I also heavily contributed to gameplay design, level design and UI/UX. This was my first mobile game which presented me with a lot of fresh design challenges. UX was something we had to get right as soon as possible during the project as the game had to be made for a tablet. Player input was of course something we took very seriously. We set out to make a fast paced game so this had to be on point. In the end we settled for finger tracking on the tablet to account for player’s thumbs slipping. Gameplay and levels also had to be cleverly designed due to the lacking (in comparison) power of a mobile device. We wanted to show off as much graphical fidelity as possible whilst still maintaining a high enough framerate for the gameplay. This lead to me maintaining a very structured and frequent communication pipeline with both the art and programming departments.

GDC 2016

Onslaught received very positive criticism from ARM who arranged it to be shown at 2016’s GDC show floor. Alongside our producer I was also in charge of the presentation shown as part of ARM’s "Educating the game developers of tomorrow" GDC talk.