Planet Crashers

A HTC Vive spaceship simulation.

About the game

Planet Crashers is a VR game where players have to fix a malfunctioning ship as it crashes into a planet. Players have to fix everything on time as well as manage ship resources which they need to survive.

My contribution

In Planet Crashers I was one of the two programmers of the game. I designed all of the gameplay systems, the malfunctions and the solutions for each. I designed and balanced each system and was in charge of playtesting. This was the first VR game I have made and at this point in time documentation on VR was lacking. This lead to us performing a lot of personal research, most of which I use to this day as it agreed with the conclusions made by other industry members.

Noteworthy information

I visited the Kennedy Space centre in Florida to research NASA’s landing simulators and also educate myself on the plausible malfunctions that can occur in a spacecraft entering the atmosphere. This tremendously helped to shape my design.